sansei koki

Sansei Koki Company Ltd, Kawasaki, Japan

since 1953, stablished by Tadashi Goto


Sansei Koki Company Ltd, the predecessor of the present Goko Camera Company  Ltd, was established in 1953 by Tadashi Goto (27 years old at that time). The product at the time of the company foundation started from Copy Stand for cameras, then interchangeable lens for 8mm, and 16mm, and multi-finder for 35mm cameras. In 1960, zoom lens for 8mm camera was developed, resulting in no need of the interchangeable lens, and orders from customers decreased rapidly and destructed by this technological innovation. After trial and error, they developed film edit machine and launched into this field. The film edit machine, acquired International Patent in 1965, was developed successfully, usable for both new (S8) and old (R8) film, and the market share expanded at a stretch. In 1967, INA factory was established in Nakagawamura, Nagano. In 1976, In INA factory, exclusive proceeding machine for the 16 facet multiple prism was developed and by in-house production it led to the success of development of the film edit machine with a high quality which did not allow others to follow, yet increased the market share monopolistically, and become the world No.1 both in name and reality by capturing 85% of the world market at last. In the January 1980 issue of Weekly Diamond, "Seventy Japanese Companies" that has the world No.1 market share were listed, and the company was there among the big enterprises. By rise of the video, the 8mm industry was threatened, and sad news of bankruptcy of related manufactures continued one another, regardless of company size and both in the East and the West, and the others to our company decreased rapidly. However, because of the company policy since its foundation, the company strength was already formed and there was no anxiety on the company management. But the company had to devote to development of a new products hurriedly under the situation. In 1989, Celebrating the 35 years anniversary of its foundation this year, the company name was changed to Goko Camera Company Ltd according to complying with the contents of the company business.